FPC LOW HAV Plate Compactor



Some may call them wacker plates or whacker plates (see the note below) but these are Fairport Plate Compactors. Designed and built in the UK to be the highest specification and best value for the most demanding markets across the world:

Plate compactors with very low Hand-Arm Vibrations.

Without compromising performance or productivity these plate compactors give long safe usage times so they can help to reduce the overall risk of “Vibration White Finger”. Operator exposure to harmful vibrations has to be limited and should be reduced to a minimum wherever possible. Fairport FPC Plate compactors help employers meet their responsibilities to their workforce with no loss of productivity. By only allowing operators to use Low HAV plate compactors, other equipment such as breakers can be used for a little longer without risking over exposure.

For compaction of soil, sub-bases and asphalt, these plates maintain productivity without exposing operators to excessive harmful vibrations.

  • The advantages of a lightweight plate compactor with the features of a heavyweight
  • Very low hand-arm vibration levels without additional weight
  • Double mounted, mass plate anti-vibration system
  • Cost effective design and manufacture bringing LOW HAVs plate compactors to a price competitive with standard machines.
  • Total engine protection frame
  • Optional paving mat and transport wheels available
Engine Power HP / kW Centrifugal Force kN Plate Size W x L mm Compaction Ratio kg/m2 Guaranteed Sound Power dB HAV level m/sec2 Weight Kg
FPC320 Petrol Plate Compactor Honda 3.0 / 2.2 10 320 x318 527 105 3.04 52
FPC350 Petrol Plate Compactor Honda 5.5 / 4.0 14 350 x 348 566 108 2.95 65
FPC400 Petrol Plate Compactor Honda 5.5 / 4.0 14 400 x 348 494 108 2.60 67
FPC450 Petrol Plate Compactor Honda 5.5 / 4.0 14 450 x 348 451 108 2.87 69

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