FPR Large Reversible Plate Compactor



Large Reversible Plate Compactors give contractors the higher productivity due to lower number of passes to full compaction and quicker coverage of the area. A reversible plate compactor can be used efficiently for compaction of sub-grade (soil) sub-base, MOT (hardcore) and Asphalt (Tarmac). The high compaction force also makes the large reversible plate compactors good for use on clay or cohesive soils.

High compaction efficiency on sand, gravel MOT1 (hardcore) and soil with a large reversible plate compactor.

The heavyweight compaction yo get with a large reversible plate means fewer passes than other plate compactors (or normal “wacker” plates). The wider base plate and deeper compaction, means you will get much higher productivity whilst achieving the correct amount of compaction.

Compaction force with smooth transition between forward and reverse travel.

The high levels of compaction vibration is delivered from a high efficiency vibrator system with minimum power loss. This extreme compaction power is easily and intuitively controlled using a precision hydraulic system. With excellent control, high outputs and comfortable operation the Fairport Reversible Plate Compactors are a proving themselves winners on all types of job site.

  • Heavy duty roll-cage with lifting eye
  • Hydraulic forward and reverse mechanism
  • On-the-spot compaction
  • Reverse travel safety protection ensures machine travels forward if operator releases the handle
  • Impact resistant and open, self cleaning base-plate
  • Sealed belt cover design for protection to clutch and belt
  • Handle folds to 45° and 90° for transportation and storage
Centrifugal Force kN Plate size
W x L mm
Travel speed m/min Weight
FPR60/40D Diesel Reversible Plate Lombardini 15LD440 11 / 8.1 20 600 x 900 4140 24 110
FPR70/60D Diesel Reversible Plate Lombardini 15LD440 11 / 8.1 60 700 x 900 4140 25 145

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